Radical Internet Decentralization

The internet is about to undergo radical decentralization as users shift from large centralized internet services to new personal cloud services. The days of user@gmail.com, facebook.com/user, and twitter.com/user are coming to an end. The days of @user.com, user.com/facebook, user.com/twitter are near.

What is a personal cloud server?

A cloud server is like a personal computer that lives in the cloud, and instead of running desktop apps or mobile apps, they run server software that provides cloud services to an individual.

Like mobile apps on a smartphone, users can easily install and manage cloud apps on their personal server themselves, without any special technical knowledge.

What are cloud apps?

Cloud apps run on personal cloud servers and can provide almost any kind of web or internet service. Apps can offer webmail, folder syncing, social networking, blogging, media sharing, and even 3D game rendering and streaming.

Today, most users give their data to a number of closed cloud services, which make it difficult or impossible to export data out, keeping the user locked-in.

For example, most users host their data across a number of services:


When a user controls their own domain name and cloud server, they can host apps themselves by installing apps:

https://yourdomain.com/social -> Newebe
https://yourdomain.com/blog   -> WordPress
https://yourdomain.com/git    -> Gogs

Or for example, if these compaies made cloud apps that people could host themselves:

https://yourdomain.com/facebook -> Facebook Cloud App
https://yourdomain.com/twitter  -> Twitter Cloud App
https://yourdomain.com/github   -> GitHub Cloud App

All data for each app is stored on the user’s own server and is under their direct control. That control gives users the ability to permanently delete their data or to make it available to new apps as they choose. User data is not accessible by an app’s author, as it is hosted by the user themselves, and any transfer must be explicitly authorized by the user.